National Owl Conservation Action Plan: Laying Ground Work for Long-Term Owl Conservation in Nepal

Raju Acharya

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2 Sep 2013

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26 Jul 2021

Implementation of Owl Conservation Action Plan (2020-2029) in Gandaki Province, Central Nepal

Efforts were made in recent years to raise public awareness on issues concerning owl conservation in various parts of Nepal, with the help of awareness programs, publications and 'Nepal Owl Festival'. The proposed project will facilitate preparation and handover of ' National Owl Conservation Action Plan' to the Government of Nepal for legal endorsement of long-term conservation actions. Expert consultation, meetings, and national workshop will be conducted to finalize the first plan for owls in the country. National owl conservation sharing workshop incorporating stakeholders, and producing conservation materials will also be an important part of the project.

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Most people were unaware of owls' importance to agriculture which is directly related to their livelihood. Owl conservation projects funded by Rufford Small Grants have been successfully conducted in many areas of Nepal. Our conservation projects so far were focused and conducted at a grassroot level, involving local people and representatives, so the involvement of the national government in these events was minimal.

The proposed project aims to make five-year ' National Owl Conservation Action Plan’ in collaboration with Government of Nepal to effectively implement conservation actions at a national level. The approval process of the action plan must be through the government for its ownership. The document will highlight threats to the species while focusing on the specific conservation initiatives for different owl species. Including this important document, national conservation workshop with conservation materials are also targeted.

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