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Nicolas Davalos 27 Apr 2021

Galapagos Coral Restoration Initiative

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Frederick Gyasi Damptey 16 Apr 2021

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Assessment of Urban Green Spaces: Education, and the Use of Citizen Science in Monitoring and Conservation

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Maksim Karanović 9 Apr 2021

The Future of the Imperial Eagles in Serbia

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Melisa Bal 7 Apr 2021

Take Action for the Northern Lapwings: Monitoring and Awareness Raising Activities in Kızılırmak Delta, a Ramsar Site in Northern Turkey

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Alexey Grachev 30 Mar 2021

New Sub-Population of the Saker Falcon in Southern Balqash: Features, Threats, Trend Assessment, and Involvement of Students in Educational Conservation

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Laba KC 30 Mar 2021

Conservation of Ganges River Dolphin Through the Involvement of Local Youths as Citizen Scientist in Koshi River, Eastern, Nepal


Marko Nikolić 22 Mar 2021

Fighting Negative Impacts of Tradition on Biodiversity by Education III – Raising Awareness

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Anton Abushin 16 Mar 2021

Research and Conservation of Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) in Kalmykia

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Thai Vu Van 16 Mar 2021

Survey and Assessment of the Current Status of Southern White-Cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus siki) in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province

Cabo Verde

Gelson Alex Pina Monteiro 2 Mar 2021

Understanding Nursery Areas and Public Perceptions for Conservation in a Shark Hotspot (Brava, Cape Verde)

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Jo Leen Yap 22 Feb 2021

Langur Project Penang: Conservation of Dusky Langurs in Malaysia Through Research, Canopy Bridges and Environmental Education


José Luis Pérez González 22 Feb 2021

Ensuring the Conservation of the Harlequin Toad (Atelopus laetissimus) Through Strategies Built with the Local Community of the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta


Nziza Julius 22 Feb 2021

Conserving the Diverse Bat Species Assemblages at the Musanze Volcanic Caves in the Midst of Misplaced COVID-19 Fears, Northern Rwanda

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Bismark Appiah Opoku 25 Jan 2021

Conservation of Cave Bats Outside Protected Areas in Central Ghana


Fernández Reinoso Ruben Darío 19 Jan 2021

Science and Education: Contribution to the Conservation of the Lizards at the Boundary Southwestern of the Western Chaco Ecoregion


Lusine Aghajanyan 15 Jan 2021

Vulture Culture

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Gugulethu Tarakini 15 Jan 2021

Improving Floral Rewards Through Habitat Diversification for Bees in Zvimba District of Zimbabwe

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David A. Prieto-Torres 15 Jan 2021

Integrative Biodiversity Studies and an Action Plan for the Bird Long-Term Conservation in the Zulia State (Venezuela) Under Global Climate Change

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Valerie Andrea Corado García 15 Jan 2021

Current Status of Crocodylus acutus Populations and their Anthropogenic Interaction in the Sarstún River Multiple Use Area, Izabal, Guatemala

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tanja Šnjegota 15 Jan 2021

The Importance of Non-Formal Education in Conservation: The European Wildcat (Felis silvestris) as an Example Species

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Ojonugwa Ekpah 15 Jan 2021

Survey of the Endangered Yellow Waxtail Damselfly (Ceriagrion citrinum) and Related Insects of Ecotourism in Sunmoge, Omo Forest Reserve, Nigeria

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Esther Viviana Vallejo Santamaria 3 Dec 2020

Conserving Migrating Raptors in Colombia by Inspiring Appreciation Through Migration Monitoring and Education Programs

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Scholastica Dickson Mbinile 2 Dec 2020

Conserving the Critically Endangered Rungwecebus kipunji through Studying Distribution Patterns and Capacity Building at Rungwe-Livingstone Forests, Tanzania

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Kamal Devkota 9 Nov 2020

Education in Motion: Strategies to Engage Communities in Snake Conservation When Science isn't Enough


Clara Naomi Cassell 5 Nov 2020

Early Steps Towards Liberia's Bird Atlas Project