Implementation of Owl Conservation Action Plan (2020-2029) in Gandaki Province, Central Nepal

Raju Acharya

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National Owl Conservation Action Plan: Laying Ground Work for Long-Term Owl Conservation in Nepal

Owl conservation efforts in Nepal and regular lobbying with the government have led to the preparation and formulation of an Owl Conservation Action Plan (2020-2029). This has laid the foundation for long term owl conservation strategies and plans.


This project aims at the implementation of part of the action plan in Gandaki province in collaboration with the local government. Activities targeted to curb the illegal trade of owls from Nepal to neighbouring countries and abroad i.e., conservation camps, sensitization workshops, conservation materials (including documentary) will be organized. In addition, a mobile application will be developed that helps to facilitate the reporting and seizuring of illegal owl trade for enforcement agencies.

Project Updates

10 Mar 2023

Social media video featuring the project.

THE KING OF THE NIGHT : रातको राजा

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