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Rongrong Angkaew 25 Feb 2021

Effects of Agricultural Intensification on Open-Country Bird Populations: Implications for Land-Use Management

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Beatus Mwendwa 25 Feb 2021

Assessing Population Ecology Data and Threats of Abbott’s Duiker Using Camera-Trap Survey in Uzungwa-Scarp Forest Reserve

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Lham Dorji 25 Feb 2021

Diversity and Conservation Challenges of Bryophytes in Merak and Sakteng Gewogs (Semi-Nomadic Communities) under Trashigang District, Bhutan

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Jo Leen Yap 22 Feb 2021

Langur Project Penang: Conservation of Dusky Langurs in Malaysia Through Research, Canopy Bridges and Environmental Education

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Adela Hemelikova 22 Feb 2021

Community-Based Survey for Assessing the Domestic Tortoiseshell Trade and Initiating Conservation Steps on Sumatra, Indonesia


José Luis Pérez González 22 Feb 2021

Ensuring the Conservation of the Harlequin Toad (Atelopus laetissimus) Through Strategies Built with the Local Community of the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta


Nziza Julius 22 Feb 2021

Conserving the Diverse Bat Species Assemblages at the Musanze Volcanic Caves in the Midst of Misplaced COVID-19 Fears, Northern Rwanda

South Africa

Trishan Naidoo 22 Feb 2021

Retention and Impacts of Plastic Pollution in the Marine Coastal Environment

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Mohammed Armani 22 Feb 2021

Synthesizing Knowledge to Enhance the Management of the Coastal Savanna of Ghana

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Mariana Lopes Campagnoli 22 Feb 2021

Identifying Key-Traits of Birds and Plants Affecting Seed Dispersal Effectiveness and their Implications for Conservation

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Ane Karoline Campos Fernandes 11 Feb 2021

Plant Trees is Not Enough: Genetic Variability is Necessary to Maintain Viable Populations in Forest Restoration

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Ntene Soh Branly Calicles 11 Feb 2021

Diversity, Ecology and Conservation Status of Amphibians of the Tchabal Mbabo, A Key Biodiversity Area in Cameroon

Côte d'Ivoire

Asso Armel Asso 11 Feb 2021

Tripartite Methodological Approach for Data Collection to Develop Long-Term Conservation Strategies of Vultures in the Comoé National Park

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Adane Tsegaye 11 Feb 2021

Assessment on the Level of Human-Elephant Conflict and Possible Mitigation Measures in and around Chebra Churchura National Park, Ethiopia


Daniel Tregidgo 9 Feb 2021

Mercury Exposure in Amazonian Wildlife: An Unstudied Threat to Conservation and Food Security


Md Ashraf Ul Hasan 5 Feb 2021

Bats of Bangladesh: Bat Assemblage Structure and Species Responses to Land-Use Change

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Burkina Faso

François Wenemi Kagambega 2 Feb 2021

Development and Implementation of Awareness Tools for the Conservation of Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides, a Threatened Medicinal and Economic Plant in Burkina Faso


Touseef Ahmed 2 Feb 2021

Effect of Extreme Heat on Indian Flying Foxes (Pteropus medius) in Pakistan

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Sushmita Kar 1 Feb 2021

Building Road to Recovery of Asian Brown Tortoise (Manouria emys phayrei) in Nagaland, Northeast India

Costa Rica

Manuel Santiago Plata 28 Jan 2021

Assessing Genetic Diversity and Gene Flow for Neotropical Otter (Lontra Longicaudis) in the San Juan River Basin, Costa Rica


Esther Nosazeogie 28 Jan 2021

Identifying Habitat Associations and Dependence on Urban Wetlands by Waterbirds in Lagos, Nigeria

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Micol Montagna 27 Jan 2021

Marine Turtle Conservation During a Pandemic: Promoting Online Citizen Science Training and Best Practices to Protect Endangered Marine Species

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Bismark Appiah Opoku 25 Jan 2021

Conservation of Cave Bats Outside Protected Areas in Central Ghana


Khaled Chouikhi 25 Jan 2021

Interaction of Loggerhead Turtle with Gillnet Fishery in Djerba Islands

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Ravinder Kaur 20 Jan 2021

The Conservation of Endangered Hornbills in Kenyir Malaysia