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Andrés Moreira-Mendieta 21 Apr 2021

Assessing the Presence of Microplastics in Galapagos Sea Lions’ Scats as a Bioindicator of Pollution in the Galapagos Marine Reserve


Ashraft Syazwan Ahmady Yusni 21 Apr 2021

The Application of Passive Acoustic Monitoring as a Novel Method to Enhance our Understanding of Hornbill Behaviour and Ecology in Sabah, Borneo

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Mayara Drumond Faustino Magalhães 21 Apr 2021

From Description to Conservation Status: Addressing the Knowledge Gaps of a Brazilian Atlantic Forest Spider (Paravulsor: Xenoctenidae)

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Frederick Gyasi Damptey 16 Apr 2021

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Assessment of Urban Green Spaces: Education, and the Use of Citizen Science in Monitoring and Conservation


Lameck Kachena 16 Apr 2021

Assessing the Socio-Ecological Implications of Vernonathura polyanthes Invasions within Chimanimani Transfrontier Conservation Area

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An Le 16 Apr 2021

Conservation of the Endangered Loris (Nycticebus spp.) in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, Vietnam

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Claver Ntoyinkima 16 Apr 2021

Identifying Environmental Factors Affecting the Habitat of the Grey Crowned Cranes (Balearica regulorum) in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

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Veronarindra Ramananjato 16 Apr 2021

Nocturnal Omnivores: How Do They Ensure Forest Integrity?

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Cédric Chimi Djomo 9 Apr 2021

Improvement of Ecological Knowledge of Threatened Species and Behavioral Change Concerning their Conservation in Cameroon's Doumaintang Communal Forest

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Inés Ramos Vértiz 9 Apr 2021

Proposal for an Ecological Corridor in the Cuña Pirú Valley, Misiones Province, Argentina

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Paulo César Costa Virgulino Júnior 9 Apr 2021

Patterns of Genetic Structuring and Connectivity of Tree Species Typical of Mangroves on the Brazilian Amazon Coast

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Maksim Karanović 9 Apr 2021

The Future of the Imperial Eagles in Serbia

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Gaurav Dixit 7 Apr 2021

Assessing Perception of the Local Community Towards Leopards in Order to Construct Effective Community-Based Conservation Models

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Melisa Bal 7 Apr 2021

Take Action for the Northern Lapwings: Monitoring and Awareness Raising Activities in Kızılırmak Delta, a Ramsar Site in Northern Turkey

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Salih Tora Benzeyen 7 Apr 2021

Raptors Conservation Action: Act II

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Emmanuel Stephen Lekundayo 7 Apr 2021

Assessment of Human Elephant Interaction, Land Cover, and Land Use Changes and Potential Need for Citizen Science Around the Rukwa-Lwafi Game Reserve, Tanzania

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Fachruddin Mangunjaya 1 Apr 2021

Awareness in Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade through Pesantren Education in Riau, Sumatra


Lameck Joash Menya Otieno 1 Apr 2021

The Distribution and Abundance of Hammerhead Sharks (Family: Sphyrnidae) and Sawfishes (Family: Pristidae) within Malindi-Ungwana Bay in Coastal Kenya

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Alexey Grachev 30 Mar 2021

New Sub-Population of the Saker Falcon in Southern Balqash: Features, Threats, Trend Assessment, and Involvement of Students in Educational Conservation

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Laba KC 30 Mar 2021

Conservation of Ganges River Dolphin Through the Involvement of Local Youths as Citizen Scientist in Koshi River, Eastern, Nepal

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Stephanie Itzel Villagomez Velez 26 Mar 2021

Assessment of Microplastic-Bound Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Whale Shark Aggregations in Bahía de los Angeles

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Robynne Kotze 24 Mar 2021

Camera Trapping, Capacity Building and Lion Monitoring in KAZA


Marko Nikolić 22 Mar 2021

Fighting Negative Impacts of Tradition on Biodiversity by Education III – Raising Awareness

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Guilherme Maricato 22 Mar 2021

Dolphins of the Green Coast: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas Towards an Endangered Cetacean in South-Eastern Brazil

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Mehari Girmay 22 Mar 2021

Rehabilitation of Rare and Threatened Species through Capacitating and Involvement of the Local Community in and Around Hirmi Forest