Nigerian – Cameroon Chimpanzee Research and Conservation Efforts in Southwestern Nigerian Forests

22 Aug 2016 Idanre Forest Reserve, Nigeria, Africa Habitats | Mammals | Primates

Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh

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This project aims to follow through on previous commitments and efforts to ensure that proposed areas within Idanre the forest cluster are effectively conserved for the continued survival of chimpanzees and other critical wildlife.


Since 2012 we have been carrying out critical research and proposing urgent actions towards the conservation of endangered Nigerian-Cameroon chimpanzee in the Idanre forest cluster - arguably, the last refuge in southwestern Nigeria for this chimpanzee. The overall aim of our project is to find and contribute conservation solutions that are effective so as these highly threatened population (and possibly a unique subspecies) in this priority site that is made up of eight contiguous forest reserves can avoid extinction. Our efforts have so far exposed the escalating loss of habitat and widespread hunting of chimpanzees amongst other threats to their long term survival. As a result, this project seeks to intensify its current efforts, which includes systematic monitoring, designing an all-inclusive management plan for proposed conservation areas, engaging relevant stakeholders and advocating conservation actions.

The project’s activities will mainly involve updating information on the status and distribution data of remnant populations of the endangered Nigerian-Cameroon chimpanzee in the project sites. We also plan to propose all-inclusive conservation management solutions by utilizing social research tools such as choice experiments to gain perspective of local preference of conservation approach that is practicable in these areas. The main desired conservation output from this work is to encourage the proper management and protection for a proposed conservation area of about 400sqkm within the Idanre forest cluster. We expect that a formal demarcation of the area as a strict conservation area (evidenced by policy documents and active patrols) will restrict further clearing of forests and hunting of chimpanzees and other threatened wildlife such as the poaching of elephants for ivory as we have observed from previous surveys.

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