Nigerian – Cameroon Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) Research and Conservation in South-Western Nigerian Forests

8 Jan 2014 Idanre Forest Reserve, Nigeria, Africa Forests | Primates

Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh

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The project aims to establish adequate monitoring of chimpanzee populations and other critical wildlife species in these forests using cybertracker and also support relevant stakeholders in demarcating and implementing recommended strict conservation areas.

Chimp nest.

Chimp nest.

Our previous surveys found that chimpanzee populations in south-western Nigeria are lower than previously thought and perhaps the most at risk of all population of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) due to accelerated habitat loss and targeted killings. The overall aim of this project is to improve the conservation of these highly threatened populations surviving in a number of key forest areas through systematic planning, effective monitoring, stakeholder involvement, community outreach and policy advocacy. The project will contribute towards species-based and landscape level conservation as well as increase local and scientific knowledge of this endangered primate and ecosystem.

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