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Dickson Matthew 27 Jan 2023

Roost Site Suitability Survey and Conservation Campaign for Bat Roost Protection in Plateau State, Nigeria: A Focus on Straw-Coloured Fruit Bats


Godfrey Mtare 27 Jan 2023

Transboundary Landscape Connectivity Propels a Robust Wildlife Economy: Modelling with African Lion (Panthera leo)


Samuel Njuki Mahiga 27 Jan 2023

Seasonal Dynamics in Feeding and Health Indicators for the Mountain Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus spp. isaaci) at Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy


Adane Tsegaye 26 Jan 2023

Ensuring Sustainable Co-Existence Between Local Communities and Elephants Around Chebra Curchura National Park, Ethiopia

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Ana Eguiguren 25 Jan 2023

Sperm Whales around the Galápagos Islands and Beyond

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Zacharia Mutinda Muteti 24 Jan 2023

Investigating Nutritional Factors that Drive Elephant Utilisation of Lake Jipe, Tsavo West Ecosystem, Kenya

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Felipe Ennes Silva 24 Jan 2023

Using Field Surveys and Genomics to Unveil the Population Status of Bald-Headed Uakaris (Cacajao spp.) in Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

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Altynay Kaidarova 23 Jan 2023

Current Status of Caspian Sea Coastal Waters in Kazakhstan and Rehabilitation of Caspian Seals


Akashdeep Roy 23 Jan 2023

Understanding the Construction of Human-Wildlife Conflict through a Political Ecology Framework in the North Bengal Region, India

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Jorge Mario Becoche Mosquera 20 Jan 2023

Supporting Local Capacities for the Conservation of Threatened Mammals in Purace National Park and Surrounding Areas

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Saurav Lamichhane 18 Jan 2023

Ecology and Conservation of Common Leopard (Panthera pardus): Need for Human-Leopard Co-Existence in and around Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal


Nkemnyi Standly Nkengbeza 18 Jan 2023

Saving the Endangered Preuss’s Guenon (Allochrocebus preussi) at the Brink of Extinction in the Ebo Forest, Cameroon

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Tabor Whitney 11 Jan 2023

Using Non-Invasive Biomarkers to Understand the Impact of Habitat Degradation on the Welfare of Mexican Mantled Howlers in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico

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Roman Bourgeais 11 Jan 2023

Status of the Medium and Large Mammals in the Boundou Community Nature Reserve: Innovation to Understand their Ecology and Improve their Conservation

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Rocio Almuna Morales 11 Jan 2023

Promoting Landscapes of Coexistence for Humans and Predators: A Transdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study


Rashmi Singh Rana 11 Jan 2023

Studying Negative Impacts of Free-Ranging Dogs on Native Threatened Wild Mammals to Develop Effective Mitigation Framework in the Indian Trans-Himalaya


Beby Holinirina Rabemananjara 11 Jan 2023

Changing Behaviours Towards Problematically Perceived Species – Evaluation and Transfer of Participatory Education Interventions about the Aye-Aye in Madagascar

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Paula Blanco 11 Jan 2023

Analysing the Role of Pesticide Residues During Marsh Deer Mortality Events in Wetlands of Argentina through a Participatory Surveillance Network


Gbénou Justin Didolanvi 11 Jan 2023

The Threatened Kordofan Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis ssp. antiquorum) in Bouba Njidda National Park, Cameroon: Conservation Challenges and Perspectives


Deogratias Gervas Katwana 11 Jan 2023

Patterns of Large Carnivore Depredation on Livestock and Community Tolerance Behaviour Around Selous-Nyerere Ecosystem


David Wechuli 11 Jan 2023

The Conservation of Threatened Harrison’s Giant Mastiff Bat at Mt Suswa Conservancy, Kenya

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Chanikarn Chaorattana 11 Jan 2023

Potential Use of Environmental DNA for Genetic and Ecological Monitoring of Dolphins, Whales, and Dugongs in Thailand: Implications for Conservation Planning

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Prince Pascal Agro 14 Dec 2022

Improving the Long-Term Viability of Populations and Habitats of the Endangered, White-Bellied Pangolin in Asukese Forest Reserve, Ghana

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Anoop Nadukkalathil Ravi 13 Dec 2022

Assessing the Impact of the Invasive Tree Senna spectabilis on Elephant Habitat and Mitigation of Human-Elephant Conflict in Wayanad Plateau

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Tainara Venturini Sobroza 28 Nov 2022

Barriers that Connect: Evaluating the Role of Wildlife Corridors in Mitigating Noise and Improving Habitat Quality in an Amazonian City