Assessment of Biological and Socioeconomic Effects in a Fishery Refuge Zone in Yucatan, Mexico

Omar Sanchez

The objective of implementing a Fishery Refuge Zone is to provide an ecological and socioeconomic benefit to the main users of the marine system of coastal communities. However, these objectives are not always achievable. This study aims to conduct an economic vulnerability and biodiversity recovery analysis in the Fishery Refuge Zone of Celestun, the largest in Mexico decreed in 2019. It is expected to improve community participation, develop/propose strategies to reduce social vulnerability, and diminish impact on marine ecosystems due to activities like tourism and fishing.

Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico. © Leopoldo Palomo.

Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico. © Leopoldo Palomo.

In order to do that:

a) We will assess the distributional implications and the degree of economic vulnerability resulting from the creation of a Fishery Refuge Zone.

b) We will determine the richness and diversity indices within the Fishery Refuge Zone and adjacent zones.

c) We will analyse the implementation and socialization process that has taken place from the proposal to the present.

d) We will analyse the evolution of access rights to resources among the different sectors related to the Fishery Refuge Zone.

Header: Aggregation of yellowtail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) within the Fishery Refuge Zone. © Omar Sanchez Becerril.

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