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Frederick Gyasi Damptey 16 Apr 2021

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Assessment of Urban Green Spaces: Education, and the Use of Citizen Science in Monitoring and Conservation


Lameck Kachena 16 Apr 2021

Assessing the Socio-Ecological Implications of Vernonathura polyanthes Invasions within Chimanimani Transfrontier Conservation Area

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Veronarindra Ramananjato 16 Apr 2021

Nocturnal Omnivores: How Do They Ensure Forest Integrity?

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Cédric Chimi Djomo 9 Apr 2021

Improvement of Ecological Knowledge of Threatened Species and Behavioral Change Concerning their Conservation in Cameroon's Doumaintang Communal Forest

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Gaurav Dixit 7 Apr 2021

Assessing Perception of the Local Community Towards Leopards in Order to Construct Effective Community-Based Conservation Models


Marko Nikolić 22 Mar 2021

Fighting Negative Impacts of Tradition on Biodiversity by Education III – Raising Awareness

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Prudence Ndabasanze 18 Mar 2021

Community-Based Ecological Monitoring of Critically Endangered Hooded Vulture in Rwanda


Nkemnyi Standly Nkengbeza 18 Mar 2021

Filling-in Knowledge Gaps of the Endangered Preuss’s Guenon, (Allochrocebus preussi), in Cameroon Proposed Ebo National Park in a Bid to Enhance its Conservation

Costa Rica

Jorge Rojas 16 Mar 2021

Mitigating the Conflict Between the Endangered Baird’s Tapir and Farmers in a Key Biological Corridor, Costa Rica

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Beatus Mwendwa 25 Feb 2021

Assessing Population Ecology Data and Threats of Abbott’s Duiker Using Camera-Trap Survey in Uzungwa-Scarp Forest Reserve

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Lham Dorji 25 Feb 2021

Diversity and Conservation Challenges of Bryophytes in Merak and Sakteng Gewogs (Semi-Nomadic Communities) under Trashigang District, Bhutan

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Jo Leen Yap 22 Feb 2021

Langur Project Penang: Conservation of Dusky Langurs in Malaysia Through Research, Canopy Bridges and Environmental Education


José Luis Pérez González 22 Feb 2021

Ensuring the Conservation of the Harlequin Toad (Atelopus laetissimus) Through Strategies Built with the Local Community of the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta

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Gugulethu Tarakini 15 Jan 2021

Improving Floral Rewards Through Habitat Diversification for Bees in Zvimba District of Zimbabwe

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Erika Avril Manrique Ascencio 15 Jan 2021

Anticipating Conservation Priority Areas: Predicting Climate Warming Reconfiguration of the Diversity of the Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests


Josphat Gacoki Nguu 3 Dec 2020

Returning Lost Mangroves Using Modified Restoration Technique at Eroding Sites of Gazi Bay Kenya

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Md Tarik Kabir 3 Dec 2020

Community-Based Conservation and Population Assessment of Endangered Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock hoolock) in Bangladesh

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Nancy Awuor Oduor 10 Nov 2020

Community-Based Marine Litter Management for Restoration of Endangered Turtle Habitats along the Kenyan Coast

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Constanza Guadalupe Vivanco 28 Oct 2020

Status Assessment and Community Involvement for the Conservation of the Taruca (Hippocamelus antisensis) in Jujuy Province, Argentina


Rodrigo Barbosa Ferreira 14 Oct 2020

Integrating Field Research, Citizen Science and Outreach to Establish a Conservation Plan for Threatened Bromeliads and Associated Frogs in the Atlantic Forest

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Cornelius Mulili Kyalo 29 Sep 2020

Empowering Local Communities in Biodiversity Conservation: Towards the Conservation of Threatened African Violets (Streptocarpus) at the Coastal Biodiversity Hotspot of Kenya

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Jjemba Bonny 24 Sep 2020

Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration for Restoring and Keeping a Maximum Level of Biodiversity on Farmlands of Gogonya Village, Mubende District, Uganda

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Simon Gartenstein 23 Sep 2020

Effects of Habitat Complexity and Small-Scale Fisheries on Size Structure and Function of Marine Communities in Lessonia trabeculata Kelp Forests of South-Central Chile

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Amos Nkpeebo 11 Sep 2020

Pilot Testing a Community-Based Independent Reporting Platform with a Mobile App Link


Takuo Jean Michel 9 Sep 2020

Conserving Bat of Bafoussam (Cameroon West Region) “Sacred Forest” Through Community Awareness Raising