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Segun Olayinka Oladipo 17 Jan 2023

Intensifying Conservation Actions for the Protection of Red List Threatened Stingrays in Nigerian Lagos Lagoon

Congo (DRC)

Dieudonne Shukuru Wasso 17 Jan 2023

Development of a Community-Based Approach of Protection of Fish and Crab’s Biodiversity from Disastrous Effects of Mining Activities in DR Congo

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Túlio Freire Xavier 11 Jan 2023

Evaluation of the Effects of Human Sound Impacts on Acoustic Diversity in Coral Reefs in Northeastern Brazil

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Shishir Rao 11 Jan 2023

Assessing the Effects of Hydropower Operation on Flow and Sediment Dynamics, and River-Dependent Livelihoods, in the Tropical Estuaries of Karnataka, India


Cyrus Rumisha 11 Jan 2023

Combating Destructive Fishing to Rescue the Endangered Manyara tilapias in Tanzania

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Patrick Derviche 14 Dec 2022

Nursery Habitats of the Dog Snapper, Lutjanus jocu, Across the Abrolhos Bank, Southwestern Atlantic: Conservation and Awareness Actions

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Joshua Mwendwa Benjamin 28 Nov 2022

How Does Anthropogenic Activities Influence Fish and Macroinvertebrate Communities in Mara River Basin

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Andrej Gajić 23 Nov 2022

Effective Conservation and Research of Threatened Sharks, Skates and Rays through Rescue, Rehabilitation, Tagging and Re-Introduction


Farida Mayowela 20 Oct 2022

Conservation Initiatives to Protect the Critically Endangered Kampango (Bagrus meridionalis) in Lake Nyasa through Community Education and Empowerment, Tanzania


Ghofrane Labyedh 19 Oct 2022

Together Protect Life in Oceans for Sharks and Rays in the Southern Coastline of Cameroon

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Syliver Byabasaija 7 Oct 2022

Understanding Local Community Perception, and Potential of Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Ecologically Sensitive Areas of Lake Victoria Crescent, Uganda

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Simon Gartenstein 30 Sep 2022

Effects of Fisheries Management and Habitat Complexity on Size Structure and Function of Marine Communities in Kelp Forests of South-Central Chile

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Sri Lanka

Hiranya Sudasinghe 23 Sep 2022

Population Genomics in a Threatened Giant Snakehead Fish in Sri Lanka


Kaitlyn Zerr 23 Sep 2022

Eyes on the Reef: Using Remote Timelapse Cameras to Reveal the Hidden Habits of Marine Megafauna in a Newly Designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


Shrutika Raut 29 Jun 2022

Assessing Diversity, Population Genetics, and Conservation Status of Electric Rays Along Bay of Bengal, India


Jennifer Ann Keeping 21 Jun 2022

Novel Techniques to Study the Critically Endangered Marine Wildlife in Mozambique


Kelly Tamang 15 Jun 2022

Understanding Human-Golden Mahseer Interaction and Co-Existence in Manas River

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Ece Kiliç 30 May 2022

First Step of Conservation of Endemic Anatolian Fish (Levantine nase): Determination of Potential Threats and Creation of Conservation Framework

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Francisco Luque-Moreno 9 May 2022

Effects of Deforestation on Fish Communities in Amazonian Headwater Streams

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South Africa

Simo Maduna 8 Apr 2022

Biomonitoring and Bioassessment of Fish Community Structure in a Marine Protected Area with Environmental DNA Metabarcoding: A Pilot EDNAM Project

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Edéya Orobiyi Rodrigue Pelebe 31 Mar 2022

Conserving the Red List Threatened Fish Species by Raising Awareness, Strengthening Local Rules and Diversifying Livelihood in Fishing Communities in Benin

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Gizachew Teshome Ayele 11 Mar 2022

Spatiotemporal Dynamics Status of Threatened Labeobarbus Species in Relation to Environmental Degradations in Megech River, Lake Tana Sub-Basin, Ethiopia

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Alen Shakirov 19 Jan 2022

Comprehensive Study of Endemic Fish Species of the South-Eastern Kazakhstan

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Muhammad Danie Al Malik 14 Jan 2022

Habitat Suitability Assessments and Genetic Connectivity Study of Spinetail Devil Ray (Mobula mobular) in Indonesian Fisheries Management Area (FMA) of 573


Makemie Jumanne Mabula 11 Jan 2022

Identification of Suitable Cage Aquaculture Sites Amidst the Ecologically Sensitive Areas Around the Mwanza Gulf