Habitat Suitability Assessments and Genetic Connectivity Study of Spinetail Devil Ray (Mobula mobular) in Indonesian Fisheries Management Area (FMA) of 573

14 Jan 2022 Fisheries Management Area – 573, Indonesia, Asia Education | Fishes | Habitats | Marine

Muhammad Danie Al Malik

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25 Feb 2020

Improving Spinetail Ray Population in Savu Sea through Scientific Research and Conservation Education for Local Stakeholder and University

Despite efforts to conserve Spinetail devil ray (Mobula mobular), research activities have been focused on the Lasser Sunda Seascape (LSS) and underestimating its potential broader population range, including the central region of Indonesia.


This project seeks to expand current efforts to other locations of Fisheries Management Area - 573 (FMA-573), including Banyuwangi, Lombok, and South Java Sea, and collect information on its connectivity and habitat suitability (explicitly for South Java Sea). We will then combine the findings with previously data in LSS. Most importantly, our results will suggest the best conservation strategies to protect the species from fisheries activities.

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