Ensuring Harlequin Toad Conservation in Two Important Biodiversity Areas in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

José Luis Pérez González

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22 Feb 2021

Ensuring the Conservation of the Harlequin Toad (Atelopus laetissimus) Through Strategies Built with the Local Community of the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta

Harlequin toads (Atelopus) are the most endangered group of amphibians in the world, according to the IUCN. In this conservation project we will focus our efforts on evaluating the current population and epidemiological status of two species of harlequin toads in important areas of biodiversity in the SNSM made up of the IBA of Río Frio and Estrella Hidrica in the IBA of San Lorenzo, where we intend to design effective conservation strategies and actions with the participation of local indigenous and peasant communities, as well as with environmental authorities to ensure the conservation of these critically endangered species and their habitats.


We will also promote empowerment through educational and recreational workshops, environmental education and training for environmental groups, local associations, community leaders and the community in general around the preservation of biodiversity.

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