Investing in the Future: Training and Awareness about Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation

Hedelvy Guada

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22 Dec 2004

Research and Conservation of Endangered Sea Turtles on the Paria Peninsula, Sucre State, Venezuela

All six species of Caribbean sea turtles are endangered. This project seeks to increase knowledge about the turtles through workshops for international scientists and awareness raising sessions for local participants.

The "XII Course on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation" will convene in the middle of May 2002, in Puy Puy beach (Sucre State, Venezuela). Senior Instructor will be assisted by Venezuelan and foreign guests from America and Europe. The course includes theoretical, practical and field sessions.

The course is open to participants from everywhere in the world. Additionally three awareness workshops about sea turtles are planned between June and August 2002. Electronic lists, local radio and newspaper media will be contacted to disseminate information. Presentations and notes in scientific meetings and journals will be published.

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