Research and Conservation of Endangered Sea Turtles on the Paria Peninsula, Sucre State, Venezuela

Hedelvy Guada

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14 Aug 2002

Investing in the Future: Training and Awareness about Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation

All six species of Caribbean sea turtles are endangered. This project seeks to increase knowledge about the turtles through workshops for international scientists and awareness raising sessions for local participants.

The project began following recommendations made in the "Sea Turtle Recovery Action Plan for Venezuela" (Guada, 2000; Guada and Sole, 2000).

The project goals are as follows:

1. To execute the 7th year of activities of the Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Project in the Paria Peninsula'

2. To provide training for students and young professionals,

3. To involve local people in the sea turtle conservation through training and awareness activities.

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