The Repository of Endemic Plants from Pakistan with Special Reference to Northern Areas

Rizwana Khanum

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30 Mar 2016

Awareness Campaign on Conservation of Endemic Plants and Further Strengthening of Herbarium Specimens Particularly from Chitral

8 May 2017

In Situ Conservation Trail of Endemic and Endangered Flora of Chitral through Various Strategies

The main purpose is to add a new complete section of endemic plants in the existing repository of Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH). Since previous collections lack complete data of these endemic specimens and the focus area is least explored.

Sophora mollis subsp dutheii.

Sophora mollis subsp dutheii.

Pakistan is blessed with variety of topographic, altitudinal, climatic and phytogeographical variation which supports more than 6000 species with 428 endemics. Conservationists lack an overall assessment of any study based on endemic species and their preservation at specimen’s level. Pakistan Museum of Natural History is the only hub established in 1976 and has immense collections of plants for students, scholars, scientists and general public. But we lack the complete endemic data under one roof. Mostly the endemic plants (among the 428) found in North of country and some in other areas. Ultimately thousands of students and scholars get benefited from this project

Preservation of endemic flora from north of country from conservation point of view would add major benefits to this project.

1. It would provide detail insight of these native plant species (endemics) and pointed/focused the concern towards future research.

2. The students could take all relevant information of unique flora of the area (that is mostly unreachable).

3. A complete brochures/small manual would be published and distributed to schools, colleges and universities.

4. Another aim is informative publication in reputed journal with updated GPS data and climate change scenario.

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