In Situ Conservation Trail of Endemic and Endangered Flora of Chitral through Various Strategies

8 May 2017 Chitral Gol National Park, Pakistan, Indian Sub-continent Biodiversity | Education | Plants

Rizwana Khanum

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The population of about 17 endemic plants is at risk, based on IUCN assessment (2nd RSG) and further evaluation will be done through various germination trails at Chitral Gol National Park (CGNP). The capacity building of Park workers as well as restoration through growing in surroundings of rest house of CGNP


Chitral Gol National Park (CGNP) with an estimated area of 7750 hector (77.5 sq km) located on 35º50’N Latitude and 71º47’E Longitude. It is one of the alpine river catchments in the Hindukush Mountains with an elevation ranging from 1450 to 4979 m. The park area is out of the reach of Monsoon and receives 462 mm mean annual precipitation, principally in winter and spring. CGNP is a narrow valley with relatively steep, sharply defined ridges and slopes. There is an appreciable amount of winter snow and long dry summer leading to the dominance of drought resistant and cold tolerant vegetation inside and in surroundings of the park. The flora in general, is of Eastern Irano- Turanian type; however some Himalayan species also grow in suitable micro- habitats. Chitral Gol was upgraded to the National Park (NP) status in October 1984. Chitral Gol National Park is the ideal site for any in situ management as well as Nursery trail on Hindukush range supporting flora of Himalayan as well.

The IUCN based assessment of 56 endemic plant species indicates various species at threat due to anthropogenic as well as other factors among them 17 are critically endangered (2nd RSG) and need to be conserved. Ideally through in-situ conservation strategies especially protection of habitat of these species in multiple habitat, introduction trail from disturbed site to protected and raising trail of these in Nursery in protected area. The main objectives are:

1&2. Survey and tagging of disturbed sites of National Park

3. Germination trail of MES (Most Endangered Species) through various methods and establishment of small nursery in protected area of CGNP

4. Capacity building of Park workers for sustainability of this project

5. Conservation through beautification of Rest house in National Park with flowering endemic plants

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