Building Capacities to Adapt to Climate Change Vulnerability in Mexican Artisanal Social-Ecological Fisheries

Xochitl García

In the face of global climate change challenges, Mexico, particularly coastal regions like Campeche, is experiencing unprecedented issues in its fisheries. The biodiversity-rich state of Campeche is grappling with a crisis, affecting fishing communities due to climate change and biodiversity loss. Isla Arena, situated between two protected areas, presents a compelling case study. To safeguard Campeche's fisheries, raising awareness about conservation becomes crucial, especially for endangered species like the Mayan octopus and sharks.

© Ana Lucia Pozas, Ocean Nexus.

© Ana Lucia Pozas, Ocean Nexus.

The region has already suffered from unsustainable practices, like sea cucumber harvesting. Given the community's vulnerability to climate change impacts, it is essential to implement adaptation strategies that not only improve sustainable livelihoods but also contribute to ongoing conservation efforts.

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