Conserving Golden Monkeys in and around Volcanoes National Park through Establishing Sustainable Income Generating Projects for Frontline Communities

5 Jan 2022 Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, Africa Communities | Conflict | Education | Mammals | Primates

Richard Muvunyi

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7 Mar 2019

Conserving the Endangered Golden Monkeys Perpetuating Crop Raiding in Farmlands adjacent to the Volcanoes National Park through Promoting Community Conservation

Golden Monkeys in Volcanoes National Park are threatened by a number of factors including Human- GM conflicts arising from crop raiding and the loss of their habitat and food which is mainly bamboo. The purpose of this project is to strengthen the already existing efforts initiated during the 1st Rufford Small Grant of conserving the endangered golden monkeys (Cercopithecus Kandti) in and around the National Park. Our previous golden Monkey conservation efforts led to the creation of various teams of Volunteer crop ranger in key areas where crop raiding was prevalent. These teams are currently responsible for crop protection in farmlands adjacent to the Park and have immensely contributed towards reducing human-golden monkey conflicts. To enhance this initiative, the current project seeks to establish sustainable income generating projects in areas around the National Park beneficial to the volunteer crop rangers and other community members. Through this project, we will establish income generating projects which include beekeeping to improve the livelihoods of volunteer crop rangers/guards, train crop rangers on important skills required for running the bee keeping project, and support crop rangers in developing a sustainable business plan. The project also aims to promote bamboo growing in farmlands adjacent to the park in order to reduce its illegal removal from the park.

The project will also undertake other activities that will greatly benefit golden monkey conservation in the park which include removing of snares set in the park and educating community members involved on the dangers of wildlife snaring in the park. The project will enable us to conduct refresher trainings for crop rangers and community leaders on the importance of protecting golden monkeys, promoting their conservation and strategies for reducing human -Golden monkey conflicts. Community education and awareness activities about the conservation of golden monkeys will be undertaken targeting several categories of people around the National Park. The key outputs of the project will include well established income generating projects beneficial to crop rangers and other community members who will passionately serve the purpose of protecting farmlands as well as helping in raising awareness about golden conservation.

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