Saving the Endangered Preuss’s Guenon (Allochrocebus preussi) at the Brink of Extinction in the Ebo Forest, Cameroon

18 Jan 2023 Ebo National Park, Cameroon, Africa Habitats | Mammals | Primates

Nkemnyi Standly Nkengbeza

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18 Mar 2021

Filling-in Knowledge Gaps of the Endangered Preuss’s Guenon, (Allochrocebus preussi), in Cameroon Proposed Ebo National Park in a Bid to Enhance its Conservation

This project is the continuation of our first Rufford grant on Preuss’s guenon which is a poorly studied diurnal primate, classified as Endangered on the IUCN Redlist and a class A species (totally protected) in the Cameroon National Wildlife Legislation. Interviews with hunters highlighted Preuss’s guenon vulnerability to anthropogenic pressures in the eastern part of Ebo forest which we did not survey. The Ebo forest area may be one of the species last strongholds in Cameroon, unfortunately is subjected to hunting pressures, exploitation concerns and road development recently. Our limited survey efforts yielded incomplete knowledge on the distribution, status and responses to anthropogenic factors in the Ebo forest. With no current legal conservation status, there is a continued risk that hunting pressure, logging and other land use changes would threaten the local biodiversity of the Ebo forest. In light of this context, it is of great significance to collect quantitative and qualitative data on the ecology, distribution and status of the Preuss’s guenon in the Ebo forest to provide vital information for biodiversity conservation.

Collection of tree bark in the Ebo forest for medicinal purpose.

Collection of tree bark in the Ebo forest for medicinal purpose.

This project aims to expand our work on this species to the eastern part of Ebo forest and also undertake an outreach campaign to sensitize locals living on that side of the forest against hunting this species which is protected by national law. This work will contribute to provide data for revising the IUCN conservation status of Preuss’s guenon given that little is known about the ecology and population status of this species in Cameroon. This work will equally provide information of this species to the government of Cameroon (Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife). It will contribute to strengthen local capacity on National Wildlife Legislation and the importance of conserving wildlife species. This work on Preuss’s guenon will also contribute to provide vital information on the land use options for the Ebo forest.

Header: 37707-2 Principal Investigator documenting hunting evidence (Spentcartridge) during recce survey in the Ebo.

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