Turning Paper Results into Conservation Outputs for Marine Top Predator Protection in Montenegro

Natasa Nikpaljevic

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30 Mar 2017

Integrating Scientific Research with Community Education for Cetacean Conservation and Population Statues in Montenegro

8 Jan 2019

From Research to Policy Implications; Minimizing Negative Human Impacts on Cetaceans and their Vulnerable Habitats in the South Adriatic

According to the increased threats in the Montenegrin waters, such as tourism and oil and gas industry, the project will continue with its dedicated survey effort and collection of critical baseline data on dolphins. To gain more detailed information about dolphins in the Montenegrin waters and the impact which human pressure has on them, we are involving data collection on acoustic and noise pollution assessed through a drop-down hydrophone.

Boat survey. © Selina Brouwer

Boat survey. © Selina Brouwer

Having in mind the importance which local people have for the project; besides data collection, the project will develop the capacity of local researchers through online and in person courses. Until now, mainly international researchers were working with me, but involving local researchers will ensure sustainable research and conservation actions in the future. In addition, Montenegro Sighting Network, the first citizen-science activity will keep involving local community and so help to the conservation of dolphins in Montenegrin waters. Knowledge gained through both, observations and acoustics, will help to turn paper results into conservation outputs to create an Action plan which is the main aim of the project.

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