Conservation through Community: The Case of Spheniscus Penguins in Chile

Luciano Hiriart-Bertrand

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28 Feb 2014

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21 Jun 2017

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Community action and participation has often been declared as essential to achieving globally agreed targets for marine conservation. Given that, Spheniscus penguins in southern of Chile has received little attention, we engaged stakeholders perceptions for their views on marine planning and establishment of a MPA in the mixed-colony of Humboldt and Magellanic penguins in Puñihuil Islets.


Puñihuil islands in southern Chile represents the largest site where hundreds of Humboldt and Magellanic sympatrically breeds. Penguins are protected on the islands, however, current jurisdictional limitations leave the waters around unprotected, and penguins are constantly interacting with fishing gears and accidental drowning in gillnets. Ecotourism has turned as an important economic activity, and its management situation is not well regulated, causing in consequence a cascade of negative circumstance, affecting directly both penguins’ species. Evaluating resident and none-resident perceptions about of implementing conservation measures to protect penguin ́s results crucial to promote the establishment of new conservation regulations.

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