Mitigating the Conflict Between the Endangered Baird’s Tapir and Farmers in a Key Biological Corridor, Costa Rica

Jorge Rojas

Baird’s tapirs remain highly endangered, necessitating multi-factorial and integrative protection: both habitat preservation of protected areas, and protection when they stray outside those boundaries. In the Tenorio-Miravalles Biological Corridor (TMBC), tapirs move between two protected areas, utilizing human-dominated landscapes.

We aim to 1) describe the movement ecology of tapirs that stray outside of protected areas and 2) strengthen human-tapir co-existence, through: a) characterizing human-tapir interactions, b) implementing community-outreach workshops and, c) environmental education with local children. The social—human-tapir interactions and life history research we propose are integral to informing all other aspects, including management and conservation.