Subotica Spiders I - Research and Conservation of Spiders Living in the Subotica Sandlands

29 Jan 2015 Subotica Sandlands, Serbia, Europe Education | Invertebrates

Gordana Grbic

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13 Jun 2013

Spiders and Sands - Research and Conservation of Spiders Living in the Deliblato Sand: The Largest European Continental Sands

1 Mar 2017

Subotica Spiders II – Further Research and Education on Sandland Spiders in Serbia

Subotica spiders - project in the basic will have 2 general aims. Research aim will be gathering more information on spiders living in this area and continuation in developing a new methodology in environmental conservation. A dissemination of knowledge as a second aim will be provide also with a website development as a first virtual place in Serbian language with verified and approved information on spider subject.

Pirata piraticus.

Pirata piraticus.

First conservation and management strategy based on spiders in Serbia was presented during the Rufford Small Grant project at Deliblato sands in 2013 and it could be consider a good example of introduction a new methodology. That was the first step.

The landscape of outstanding features – the Subotica Sandlands protected area is the perfect place for continuation of that process. It is situated close to Hungarian border and it is presented by mosaic ecosystems rich in biodiversity but with none information on spiders. Unexplored and unique, this place is a perfect locality for continuation of development a new methodology.

Project will last 12 months and it will have 3 stages. Fieldwork and laboratory work stage will provide crucial data gathering to make first inventory list of spiders at the Subotica Sandland protected area and training young researchers for independent work. The third stage, beside workshops and lectures for children, will include development of the Serbian-spider website, as a new approach to create interesting and friendly surroundings for not so popular group of animals. This virtual information on species, activities and people that work with spiders in Serbia should raise public awareness and should attract new researchers and enthusiast.

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