Subotica Spiders II – Further Research and Education on Sandland Spiders in Serbia

1 Mar 2017 Subotica Sandlands, Serbia, Europe Education | Invertebrates

Gordana Grbic

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Subotica Spiders I - Research and Conservation of Spiders Living in the Subotica Sandlands

This project is an awaited sequel of the past RSG spider project successfully completed in Serbia. It represents a logical continuation of previous work and education. It will be organized in a 12-month period, and will have three segments: data gathering based on extensive fieldwork, building a museum collection as a legacy for next generations, and establishing The Spider Day as a special event in Serbia. Field work will provide a comprehensive inventory list of species, the museum collection will connect Serbia with the rest of Europe, and the event will connect experts with a wider auditorium.



During the previous RSG project at the Subotica sandland, the first-ever inventory work on wet habitats has been made, and a list of more than 100 species, was successfully created. The list included 14 first national records. We also developed spiders’ website in Serbian language and according to feedback we have made a significant impact on their popularity within the country.

Those were good first steps, so now a boost is necessary. It will be done with tree different approaches: new data gathering at new collection sites, a spider museum collection, and a spider special event.

Sandy habitats and forest fragments are still unexplored and will be considered in this new project. Standard methods will be used (pitfall traps, sweep netting and beating). Collecting period will be from April till November. This will expand the inventory list of species, so we could establish what should be wise to protect in the future.

In Serbia, only one very old (from 1929) spider collection exists, and since it is in very bad condition it could not be used in the form of an educational tool. We will create a new one. Collections are an integral and fundamental component of zoological research and especially teaching. They are resources for studying the diversity of life, and a legacy for future generations. They can raise public awareness of an unpopular group of animals, such as spiders. So it is important for Serbia to have one new.

Special event with title “The Spider Day” will also be organized. It will be a one-day event dedicated to spiders only. We will try to connect science with ordinary people. For adults, there will be some popular lectures, as well as a photo and art exhibition with a spider motives cocktail party. For children, workshops and competitions will be organized too.

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