Reef Doctor Fano (Marine Turtle) Project; Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Atsimo-Andrefana (South-West) Madagascar

22 Feb 2018 Bay of Ranobe, Madagascar, Africa Communities | Marine | Turtles

Emma Gibbons

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ReefDoctors Fano project aims to integrate the well-being and needs of human communities with the development of culturally acceptable practices protecting marine turtles and their habitats.


Integrating fisheries management strategies into grassroots Community-Based Conservation initiatives provided the foundation for the development of the first grassroots marine turtle management association in Madagascar. Through the adoption of a rights-based approach, stakeholders aim to safeguard biodiversity and the resources indigenous populations are dependent on for survival. ReefDoctor’s unique approach to marine turtle conservation utilising traditional ecological knowledge reduces conflict and significantly contributes to safeguard Madagascar’s marine turtle populations.

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