‘Miamby Fano’ (Guardian of the Turtle)

23 Oct 2009 Bay of Ranobe, Madagascar, Africa Turtles

Emma Gibbons

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ReefDoctor Fano Project

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Reef Doctor Fano (Marine Turtle) Project; Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Atsimo-Andrefana (South-West) Madagascar

‘Miamby Fano’ endeavours to improve understanding of the scientific and economic implications of the subsistence turtle fishery to aid the creation and development of community participation programs and education development strategies.


Miamby Fano (Guardian of the turtle) is a project developed by ReefDoctor, a UK marine N.G.O based in Ifaty, province of Tulear, Southwest Madagascar. The objective of this project is to establish a permanent monitoring and education program in the Bay of Ranobe. Miamby Fano’s collaboration with respected elders of the Vezo tribal community and the grass roots association FIMIHARA (managers of the local Marine Park 'Massif des Roses'), is designed to provide centralized access to information and diagnostic biological monitoring, essential to the management of the marine resource.


Miamby Fano, has a dedicated international and regional science team. Fluent in the local dialect and knowledgeable in local customs, the project coordinators of Miamby Fano have vast experience with running scientific and socioeconomic projects and collaborate with local, national and international associations and academic institutions based throughout the Western Indian Ocean (WIO).

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