Research and Contribution to the Conservation of Pezizales (Fungi) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nedim Jukic

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19 Jan 2018

Assessment of Diversity of Ascomycetous fungi in Several Potential Protected Territories in Bosnia and Herzegovina

7 Sep 2020

Discovering the Diversity of the Alpine Ascomycetous Fungi in Severely Vulnerable Ecosystems of Glacial and Other Mountainous Lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project aims is to map different species of Pezizales from many location and different ecosystems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout project activities IFA (Important Fungal Area) will be identified together with risk assessment for registered species.

Scutelinia sp. on muddy soil

Scutelinia sp. on muddy soil

Scientific information and papers about fungi in Bosnia and Herzegovina are deficient. Systematic research and studies of order Pezizales have not been conducted in the past as well. Therefore, the main aim of this project is to create preliminary list of Pezizales from different territories and ecosystems in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to assess risk and endangerment level for every analysed species. Also, we want to emphasize importance of role fungi generally have in every kind of ecosystems. Conservation of very specific habitats (pristine forest, glacial relict biotopes and remote areas with no human impacts and influence) that some Pezizales inhabit will be considered within project activities. Influence over the Authorities will be one of the priorities as well.

One of the project goals is also to identify specific and important fungal habitats in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to propose adequate measurements and strategic goals for the future.

Defining important fungal areas (IFA) will be achieved through recognition and determination of rare and endangered species and through assessment of their diversity. The most of the project activities will be implemented through field researches and sample collection. Samples will be photographed in situ and collected. Afterwards, vital characteristics of all species will be microscopically analysed and all material will be properly preserved as exsciccata in private herbaria and Amateur Mycological Association database. All results will be combined and integrated with so far known and available data for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Diversity, abundance, risk assessment, proposals for IUCN categorization, IFA identification and mapping will be all presented and printed in the adequate project publication (brochure). Supplement of Red List of Fungi in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be proposed and considered with competent local Authorities.

Educational lectures will be prepared and held. Emphasize of endangerment and promotion of importance of role Pezizales generally have in different kind of ecosystems will be one of top priorities. Pupils, students as well as other project stakeholders will be involved (organized field activities, distribution of promo materials and mentioned educational lectures)

Throughout these activities we want to increase public awareness about delicately role fungi generally have, while in the same time promoting conservation of certain most diverse and valuable assessed areas.

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