Assessment of Diversity of Ascomycetous fungi in Several Potential Protected Territories in Bosnia and Herzegovina

19 Jan 2018 Srednja Bosna, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe Forests | Fungi

Nedim Jukić

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Project should make notable contribution to the conservation of fungal biodiversity in the territories of future and already protected areas (National parks, Nature parks, Protected Landscape, etc).

Check-lists of mycobiota in future potential protected areas will be presented at the end of the project.
New important fungal areas will be identified through project activities.

Update and revision of strategic national documents will be proposed and cooperation with local authorities in both entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be established.

Conservation guidelines and advices for adequate protection of the species on the ground will be presented in the project final publication. Endangerment status based on relevant IUCN criteria for all vulnerable species will be recommended.

Peziza ampliata

Peziza ampliata

Bosnia and Herzegovina is country with smallest percentage of protected territories in terms of their recognised natural or ecological values in the Balkan Peninsula but also in whole Europe as well. Checklist of mycobiota does not exist even for the protected areas. Main goals of this project is to secure valuable mycological information and to publish check-lists of fungal species for some of the future protected territories.

During field activities and research fungi from the phylum Ascomycota, especially order Pezizales, will have top priority. Numerous ascomycetous fungi are considered as much endangered and have quite limited distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina but in the regional scale as well. Main threats for these species will be recorded and managements of the protected territories will be informed about them.

As a continuation of the previous activities (published book with proposed IUCN status for 128 species from order Pezizales and identification of few important fungal areas) this project aim to produce valuable contribution to the knowledge of mycobiota in Bosnia and Herzegovina while emphasizing importance of ascomycetous fungi at the same time. One of the main conservation benefits will be continuous update of Regulation on protected and strictly protected species of fungi in Republic of Srpska. All registered endangered species of ascomycetous fungi should be included in the Regulation update.

Update of Red List of Fungi in FBiH is also one of the project aim and efforts towards this will be done.

All identified important fungal areas, with relevant photos, comments, fungal diversity assessment, biodiversity assessment and reasons for conservation of specific area, will be presented in the final publication. Relevant check-list of ascomycetous fungi will be presented for every investigated area.

Assessment of fungal diversity together with assessment of specific habitat and obtained data will be used to build strong conservation arguments for confrontation with all planned projects and anthropogenic activities that harms very sensitive ecosystems balance in some areas.

Raising awareness among local community about huge importance fungi generally have in all kind of ecosystems is one of the project top priority. This goal will done by implementation of couple project activities (educational lectures, shooting documentary movie, organizing photo exhibition, printing final publication, etc.).

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