A Silent Loss: Evaluation of Human Impacts in the Yungas Andean Forests through Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Martín Boullhesen

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19 Jul 2017

Hearing Dusk Melodies: Establishing the First Real-Time Monitoring Programme of Anuran in Yungas Forest

25 Jun 2019

Saving the Endangered Marsupial Frogs in Yungas Forests of Argentina

Yungas Andean forest is a top biodiverse ecoregion in Argentina. Despite its conservation value is under threat by human activities. New technologies of automated recording devices can be used to monitor human disturbances on a large number of taxonomic groups.

MB installing recorder.

MB installing recorder.

This project aims to develop a passive acoustic monitoring protocol to assess the effect of human-disturbance on anurans of the Calilegua National Park. We also intend to bring people closer to natural soundscapes and increase awareness of the preservation of intangible heritage that represents natural sounds of protected areas.

Header: Burned forests.

Project Updates

30 Jun 2023