The Impact of Surface Water Availability and Quality on Physiological Stress in Large Mammals in the West Kilimanjaro Ecosystem, Tanzania

26 Aug 2021 West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa Biodiversity | Habitats | Mammals

Manase Elisa Pallangyo

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24 Aug 2018

The Impact of Water Abstraction and Changes in Surface Water Availability on Ecological Integrity the Arusha-Kilimanjaro Ecosystem, Tanzania

15 Jan 2020

Assessing the Impact of Changes in Surface Water on the Distribution and Space Use of Medium and Large Mammals in the West Kilimanjaro Ecosystem, Tanzania

This study will examine physiological state and parasite load in large mammals associated with changes in water quality and quantity.


Livestock and human population pressures are increasing in the West Kilimanjaro ecosystem, leading to over-abstraction and contamination of surface water. Water abstraction forces large mammals to use high saline and mineral concentrated surface water in the dry season. Water scarcity also causes high-density aggregations around water points, increasing the risk of pathogen transmission. Understanding how water stress, poor quality water and parasites burdens adversely affect the physiology of wildlife and livestock is essential to improve resource management and to reduce human-wildlife conflicts.

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