From Insecurities to Co-Existence; Understanding Causes, Mapping Hotspots and Building Locals’ Capacity on Human Elephant Co-Existence

6 Jul 2023 Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania, Africa Biodiversity | Communities | Elephants | Mammals

Loyce Majige

Irrefutably Human-Elephant Conflicts (HECs) in Tanzania, particularly in communities neighbouring Mkomazi National Park, present insecurities to conservation and community well-being. Accordingly, this captivating initiative aims to tackle Human-Elephant Conflicts (HECs) in Tanzania's Mkomazi National Park region through research, education, and storytelling approach.

This multifaceted initiative intends to understand causes of HEC, map conflict hotspots through research, the Training of Trainers framework and football to raise awareness and engage local communities in finding sustainable solutions. Storytelling will be used to foster empathy and collaboration among stakeholders by sharing experiences and best practices.

By implementing this multifaceted approach, the initiative seeks to reduce conflicts, improve community well-being, and enhance ecological sustainability. It strives to foster a harmonious coexistence between humans and elephants while safeguarding wildlife and communities.

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