Assessing the Contribution of Community Conservation Program in Community Livelihoods’ Promotion and Gorillas Conservation, in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

17 Jul 2018 Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, Africa Communities | Mammals | Primates

Janvier Kwizera

This project aims to assess the contribution community conservation program (CCP) has made so far in the promotion of livelihoods capitals of communities living adjacent to volcanoes national park (VNP), and the conservation of mountain Gorillas. Therefore, the magnitude of threats to park’s fauna and flora will be known, while the linkage between CCP and sustainable conservation of national parks will be established. Finally, the related remaining problems will be documented, and potential solutions suggested towards sustainable management of VNP.

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This project of assessing the contribution of community conservation program in the community livelihoods’ promotion and Gorillas conservation will be carried out in the areas surrounding volcanoes national park of Rwanda. It will specifically analyse the current status of community livelihoods and VNP- threats, determine the CCP contribution in improving that status (linkages), identify the remaining challenges, and suggests the best solutions towards sustainable management of not only VNP but also other national parks of Rwanda.


Once implemented, the project will serve all stakeholders i.e. conservationists and community development practitioners with a tool for program awareness, performance appraisal, and attitude change towards sustainable management of national parks of Rwanda.

Phenomenological approach and threats reduction assessment (TRA) as research methods using the focus group and interviews, will enable respondents, based on their perspectives and appreciation, to analyse and understand the multidimensional status of their livelihoods and the related linkage with VNP conservation, and suggest the way forward as per their experiences. Respondents will involve family heads at households’ level, chairpersons of cooperatives involved in VNP management, and local administration leaders, and park managers.

Finally, myself, having educational background in development and a 10 year- experience of work in national parks’ community conservation program, I am proud of implementing this project on which expectations will lead to better performances.

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