Continued Work on Maldives Corals through Capacity- Building, Research & MPA Management

Hussein Zahir

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15 Sep 2014

Capacity Building of Maldives in-Country Management and Monitoring of Threatened Coral Reefs

12 Apr 2016

Continued Capacity Building of Maldives In-Country Management and Monitoring of Threatened Coral Reefs & Development of a Draft MPA Management Plan

This third grant will build on the success of the first two and continue to build more local reef monitoring capacity as well as extend MPA work


On this project Land and Marine Environmental Resource (LaMer) Group, a Maldivian environmental organisation is working with local NGOs, dive operators, resorts, commercial operators (with respect to fisheries and trade) and government institutions, as well as the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and Biosphere Expeditions, two UK charities/non-profits, who have been operating in the Maldives for over 10 years to improve the knowledge base and management of marine resources, gathering data on the recovery from the 1998 and 2015/16 bleaching events, 2004 Asian Tsunami, effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and - most recently - collaborating with the government over four years to provide legislated management measures for grouper fisheries. Reef Check, an internationally recognised reef survey methodology, is one protocol that partners rely on heavily during their work. The work in collaboration with the government and NGOs continues by providing long-term and ongoing capacity-building in reef monitoring techniques. As with the first and second grants, with the help of a third Rufford grant we will train more key locals in marine conservation techniques and in doing so also deliver data on the status of coral reefs, recovery from bleaching and El Niño events, and the development of MPA management plans.

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