IUCN Status Assessment, Niche Modelling and Niche Profiling of Endemic Tree Species for Effective Species Recovery and Ecorestoration

Devika M Anilkumar Madathil

Ecosystem level approach and habitat specific micro level understanding of species composition is essential for effective ecorestoration practise. The ongoing tree planting and ecorestoration activities are devoid of scientific planning for niche and ecosystem adaptability due to lack of ecological methodologies and studies. Bioclimatic prediction of potential habitat through niche modelling and niche profiling of the threatened species of different ecosystems proposed here to avoid invasion into other species niches while restoration.

Observing seedlings of threatened species.

Observing seedlings of threatened species.

This has been experimented successfully for few trees and shrub species in the Western Ghats. The application of niche modelling hardly attempted for prioritization of species and habitat in the Western Ghats region. Here we propose for IUCN status assessment, niche modelling and niche profiling of 12 plant species endemic to Western Ghats Sri Lanka Biodiversity hotspots. This can contribute to the research and planning aspect for the species and ecosystem recovery and restoration in plains.

Header: Endangered Cryptocarya anamalayana.

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