Strengthening Conservation of Wildlife Corridors within Brahmaputra Riverine Landscape of Orang Tiger Reserve and Surrounding Areas

Arup Das

The project site lies within the Brahmaputra River and its Floodplain (including the river islands) in Orang Tiger Reserve, Assam, India. The Brahmaputra River islands within the study area forms an important and vital habitat link for wildlife populations to disperse within the river islands and to the surrounding landscape. The rich biodiversity, that relies both on the continuous patches of wildlife habitats, river islands and corridors, will be studied in a regular manner for their presence, thus helping in coordinated conservation activities.

This study will identify the existing corridors as well as model the habitat connectivity geospatially, so that conservation plans can be structured accordingly. Identification of wildlife relying on these corridors will help in concentrated conservation and wildlife research activities in this landscape.
Identification of threats to the wildlife populations in the study area will help the concerned authorities to check anthropogenic pressure at ecologically important sites. The regulated activities thus will help in the improvement of wildlife habitats and their populations and decrease the human-wildlife conflict.

The study will generate temporal changes in the riverine landscape using remote sensing data in open-source GIS platform. The study will analyse decadal changes from the last 40 years and predict future land use patterns. This will help in planning and implementation of wildlife conservation initiatives by policymakers in the decision-making process. In addition, the project team will impart training and capacity building to the frontline staff of the forest department on the use of handheld global positioning systems (GPS), awareness activities on wildlife conservation targeting school students, fishermen and communities living in the landscape and help them understand the importance of conserving wildlife.

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