Assessment of the Status and Distribution of Dugong dugon in Wadi El-Gemal National Park, Southern Red Sea, Egypt

26 Nov 2015 Wadi El-Gemal National Park, Egypt, Africa Mammals

Ahmed Daoud

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To gain an indication of the current population status of the dugong located on a GIS Map, identified Dugong individuals by Photo ID and raise public awareness of conservation issues.


Little information is available on the sea cow Dugong dugong inhabiting the African coastline of the Red Sea. This study aims to gather ecological information on the populations of this species in the protected area of Wadi El-Gemal. This includes their distribution, habitat description as well as the anthropogenic threats they are facing. Individual features will also be described using photo ID technique. Therefore, in this work we will evaluate the most appropriate conservation strategies using estimates of population size, distribution and threats. In addition, we will try to develop long-term conservation plans with proposed management actions. Activities will raise the awareness of WGNP rangers and local communities that participate in this process about biodiversity and ecosystem service values of the mountains and the need for its conservation. This information will help determine the status of this species in this area and to generate long-term conservation plans.

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