Possible New Locations of Balkan Snow Vole Species in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Admir Aladžuz

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17 Mar 2016

Population Density and Spatial Distribution Research of the Endangered Species Martinos Snow Vole for the Creation of a New Conservation Strategy

Project is about research on possible new location of the Balkan Snow Vole Species in Bosnia and Herzegovina. New field survey will be done in 5 different locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina where the occurrences of this vole species was reported by local inhabitants and hikers. Research will be used for the creation of future Conservation Action Plan which will determine goals, objectives and actions to preserve the Balkan Snow Vole which populations are in serious decline.

The species was newer researched on selected locations, while species inhabits almost all neighbouring or nearby locations. These locations represent scientific holes in species distribution maps, potentially negatively influencing the species conservation work in the future in terms of protection of some areas and proclamation of NATURA 2000 area.

The main project outputs are:

1. Research the new possible location of the species in order to determine full habitat occupancy of the species in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This research will help to fulfil much needed data in the Red lists in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to create a Species Conservation Action Plan in the future.

2. The research will help the additions to the National Red lists of threatened fauna species in Bosnia and Herzegovina and help when creation of future Protected Areas and Natura 2000 areas.

3. Creation of short film (10-15 minutes): „Dinaric Karst Mountains – home of the endangered paleoendemic vole” which will emphasise the scientific work in the project, bring the species conservation problems closer to the public, teach them why the species is facing extinction and why the urgent conservation measures are required to preserve their population. The movie will also present the observed negative impacts of climate changes to the species and how climate changes contribute to species habitat conversion and ho possible competition between two different species contribute to population decline of Balkan Snow Vole. The movie will argue about necessity of developing Species Conservation Action Plan and what actions all stakeholders need to take to preserve this endangered species and will contain all records of field research which will help the future young conservationist to get acquainted with working with small mammals in the field and what a typical working day of a conservation ecologist looks like.

Project duration is estimated to be 22 months plus one month of making Final Report

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