Ecological Survey of the Threatened and Relict Damselflies on the Obudu Plateau, Nigeria

Abiodun Adedapo

An ecological survey will be carried out on the Obudu Plateau region of Cross River State, Nigeria on the threatened damselflies in the region. These threatened species are Africocypha centripunctata (EN), Allocnemis vicki (EN), Neurolestes nigeriensis (CR) and Pentaphlebia gamblesi (CR). This is aimed at filling in the long overdue data gaps on the threatened species and their habitats in Nigeria. At the same time, the local communities surrounding the region will be engaged to appreciate the global importance of the montane region they reside in and learn about ways of sustainably living in the region to conserve the peculiar habitats and species.

Africocypha centripunctata. © Adedapo Abiodun Matthew.

Africocypha centripunctata. © Adedapo Abiodun Matthew.

The project will:

1. create strong awareness on the conservation of the habitats of threatened damselflies on the Obudu Plateau of Nigeria.

2. engage the local communities and key conservation stakeholders for the conservation of the habitats of these threatened species.

3. provide useful data on the distribution of the species on the protected and unprotected sections of the Obudu Plateau.

4. provide information on the description of the immature forms (larvae) of the threatened species, the ecological conditions supporting their populations and the threats facing them.

5. produce citizen scientists from the local community members of the Obudu plateau for the protection of threatened damselfly species and habitats.

Header: Africocypha centripunctata. © Jan Van Leeuwen.

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