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Nischal Shrestha 17 Dec 2021

Integrating Science and Local Communities for Chinese Pangolin Conservation in Kavrepalanchok, Nepal

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Arnaud Marius Tchassem Fokoua 16 Dec 2021

Intensifying Efforts to Rediscover and Save the Last Mountain Toads of Mount Bamboutos, Cameroon

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Prince Boama 14 Dec 2021

Overcoming Data Deficiency in Endangered Species: Piloting an Integrated Strategy for Monitoring and Conserving the Pel’s Flying Squirrel in Ghana

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Ashika Dhimal 14 Dec 2021

Morphological Signature, Molecular Evidence and Conservation Implications of Hybridization Between Golden Langur (Trachypithecus geei) and Capped Langur (Trachypithecus pileatus)

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South Africa

Thabo Innocent Hlatshwayo 14 Dec 2021

Monitoring the Ecological Impacts of the N4 Toll Route (TRAC N4) on Habitat Use/Movement by Wildlife, Gauteng Province, South Africa


Jean Claude Tumushime 10 Dec 2021

Securing the Future of Straw-Coloured Fruit Bats Amidst COVID-19 through Community Outreach, Communication and Habitat Restoration - Kigali City & Rwamagana

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Mebrat Teklemariam Gebrekidan 10 Dec 2021

Effects of Land Use Land Cover Changes on Population Dynamics and Feeding Ecology of Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) in Chelekleka Wetland, Ethiopia

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David Amaning Kwarteng 9 Dec 2021

Empowering Local Communities to Sustain the Conservation of the Bobiri Reed Frog (Hyperolius bobirensis) in Ghana


Russom Teklay Tewelde 9 Dec 2021

Seasonal Variation in Species Richness and Abundance of Birds Relative to Habitat Characteristics in the Suburbs of Asmara City & Debubawi-Bahri, Eritrea

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Sri Lanka

Asanka Sayakkara 8 Dec 2021

The Detection and Tracking of Elephants through Eloc Infrasonic Detectors


Sujan Khanal 6 Dec 2021

Fine-Scale Drivers of the Status and Distribution of Dhole (Cuon alpinus) in Parsa National Park (PNP), Nepal

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Asish Mangalasseri 30 Nov 2021

Community Based Conservation of the Lion-Tailed Macaques of Nilambur Forests, Kerala, India


Clemensou Reis 30 Nov 2021

Influence of Landscape and Local-Scale Livestock Management on Dung Beetle Assemblages at the Semiarid of Brazil and its Consequences on Environmental Services


Paula Vargas-Pellicer 24 Nov 2021

Pollinators as Indicators: Assessing the Effects of Ecological Restoration on Plant-Pollinator Interactions

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Olaniran Hamed Odountan 24 Nov 2021

Sustainable Management of Mangrove Ecosystem Around Lake Ahémé: Drawing Upon Local Communities and Other Stakeholder Experts' Opinions and Concerns

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Selamawit Negassa Chawaka 22 Nov 2021

Assessing Status of Wetland Biodiversity for Conservation Planning and Sustainable Use in Southwestern Ethiopia


Elvis Bawah 17 Nov 2021

Conservation and Ecology of Trionychidae in River Ofin at the Atwima Mponua District of Ghana

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Omar García-Castañeda 17 Nov 2021

Development of a Proposal to Guide the Sustainability of the Whale Watching Industry in Baja California Sur, Mexico


Kurnia Ilham 11 Nov 2021

Monkeys Feeding in Farm: Assessing Patterns of Crop-Feeding Long-Tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) in West Sumatra, Indonesia and its Management Conflicts

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Sofia Quiroga 11 Nov 2021

Avoiding the Extinction of the Only Endemic Fish in Arid Argentine Patagonia: The Naked Characin (Gymnocharacinus bergii)

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Mercy Ndalila 10 Nov 2021

Aspects of Fire Regimes in a Major Kenyan Ecosystem in the Face of Increased Global Vulnerability to Wildfires

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Luis Alfredo Guizada Duran 10 Nov 2021

Abundance and Population Trends of the Bolivian River Dolphin (Inia boliviensis) in its Main Distribution Area in Bolivia Over a 20-Year Historical Series

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Herbert Duarte 9 Nov 2021

Continental Islands as Jaguar´s Refuges: Home-Ranges, Territories, Habitat Use, and Dispersion on the Amazon Coast

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Everton Bernardo Pereira de Miranda 8 Nov 2021

Building a Conservation Strategy for the Harpy Eagle in the Amazon Forest

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Aída Otálora-Ardila 8 Nov 2021

Effects of Organic and Conventional Agriculture on Insectivorous Bat Assemblages Using Multiple Dimensions of Biodiversity