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Julia Caon Araujo 15 Sep 2021

Coral Reef Mapping: Integrating Remote Sensing and Ecological Data for the First Coral Atlas in Brazil


David Wechuli Barasa 15 Sep 2021

Sustainable Ecotourism and Conservation of Threatened Harrison’s Giant Mastiff Bat at Mount Suswa Conservancy, Kenya

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Abdoul Razack Moussa Zabeirou 10 Sep 2021

Conservation Status and Socio-Ecological Characterization of Dama Gazelle Metapopulation in Niger


Amadeus DeKastle 9 Sep 2021

Environmental Impacts of Infrastructure Development on Macro-Invertebrate Biodiversity in Freshwater Ecosystems in Kyrgyzstan's Mountains

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Mayra Alejandra Galindo Panqueva 8 Sep 2021

Establishment of a Native Bee Sanctuary as a Conservation Strategy for the Tropical Dry Forest in the Uraku Foundation Nature Reserve

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Marshall Alhassan Adams 8 Sep 2021

Biodiversity Conservation through Cocoa Agroforestry Systems: How to Support Smallholder Farmers Manage Integrated Landscape in Ghana


Lovemore Sibanda 8 Sep 2021

A Citizen-Science Programme to Monitor Cheetah Population in Zimbabwe

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Jhon Jairo Ospina Sarria 8 Sep 2021

Amphibian Diversity from the Serranía de los Paraguas Phase II: Integrating Research, Monitoring, and Public Awareness on Behalf of Hotspot Conservation


Fitra Arya Dwi Nugraha 8 Sep 2021

DNA Barcoding, Morphology and Ecology of Anuran Tadpoles Inhabiting Lembah Anai Nature Preserve, Province of Sumatera Barat, Indonesia: An Initial Step for Conservation

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Dhaneesh Bhaskar 8 Sep 2021

Role of Crested Pygmy Grasshoppers in Evergreen Forest Ecosystems: Ecology and Conservation


Cici Nurfatimah 8 Sep 2021

Movement Ecology of Javan Hawk-Eagle Based on Satellite Tracking

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Văn Bắc Bùi 8 Sep 2021

Assessing Changes in Dung-Beetle Communities and their Functional Diversity Among Forest Types Over Limestone of Huu Lien Nature Reserve in Northern Vietnam

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Akash Verma 8 Sep 2021

Characterizing the Dynamics of Abandoned Agricultural Land and Secondary Forest in the Himalayas for Supporting Livelihoods and Conserving Biodiversity

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Peter Rogath 26 Aug 2021

Assessment of Human-Carnivores Conflicts to the Local Community Around the Tsavo-Mkomazi Ecosystem

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Manase Elisa Pallangyo 26 Aug 2021

The Impact of Surface Water Availability and Quality on Physiological Stress in Large Mammals in the West Kilimanjaro Ecosystem, Tanzania

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Brayan Zambrano 25 Aug 2021

Disease’s Ecology and Ecosystem Services of Scavenging Raptors in Rubbish Dumps, Street Markets and Wild Areas of the Mediterranean Ecoregion of Chile

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Cristina Louro 25 Aug 2021

Spatial Planning for People and Marine Migratory Species: Sea Turtles in the Natal-Delagoa Ecoregion as an Example

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John Gitogo 25 Aug 2021

Building Local Capacity in Conservation of Endangered Grey Crowned Crane in Nyandarua County, Kenya

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Dedan Ngatia 23 Aug 2021

Quantifying Costs and Benefits of Domestic Dogs for Restoration of the Globally Endangered African Wild Dog

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Reana Ng May Yen 13 Aug 2021

Seahorses: Traditional Medicine, Cultural Values and Trade in Malaysia

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Oleksii Vasyliuk 12 Aug 2021

Open Biodiversity Data: Serving Nature Conservation in Ukraine

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Mildred Fabiola Corona Figueroa 12 Aug 2021

Where are the Neotropical Otters (Lontra longicaudis)? A study on the Ecology of a Cryptic Mammal across a Transboundary Basin in Mesoamerica

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Mikias Biazen Molla Biazen 12 Aug 2021

Improve Population Status of Black-tailed Godwit through Community Based Conservation in Cheleleka Wetland, Wondo Genet Watershed, Ethiopia

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Jonathan Lucas Kwiyega 9 Aug 2021

Stopping Illegal Lion Killings in Western Tanzania III


Josiah Ibrahim 5 Aug 2021

Habitat Utilization of Wading Birds in Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands Nigeria