The Conservation of Endangered Hornbills in Kenyir Malaysia

20 Jan 2021 Kenyir, Malaysia, Asia Birds

Ravinder Kaur

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12 Mar 2019

Research and Conservation of Hornbills in Malaysia

To safeguard and increase threatened hornbill populations in Kenyir by providing safer nesting conditions. Provide those living in poverty with an additional source of income, as they work as nest guardians. To have more human presence in the forest (researchers and nest guardians), to deter poachers.

Rhinoceros hornbill.

Rhinoceros hornbill.

After the first Rufford grant, I conducted a feasibility study with my team, to identify a new project site for research and conservation efforts specifically on Helmeted hornbills. We found Kenyir to be the best place. We will seek natural nest sites of endangered hornbills. We will also speak to the locals in Kenyir, to find at least five local nest guardians, to help monitor the nests of these hornbills and collect data through observations. By having guardians present, the hornbills can nest safely, and are less likely to be poached.