Testing of Experimental Methods for Restoration of Natural Population of Endemic Fish Species of Lake Sevan - Sevan Trout

21 Jun 2018 Lake Sevan, Armenia, Asia Fishes

Nelli Barseghyan

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20 Feb 2015

The Study of Reproduction Ecology of Endangered Endemic Fish Species Sevan Trout

1. to reveal the most effective methods for incubation of Sevan trout eggs in natural conditions and restoration of wild stocks of Sevan trout by research and experimental methods;

2. to reveal features of Sevan trout egg development stages dependent on different natural conditions of the rivers;

3. to reveal the efficiency of incubation dependent on the differences in bio-conditions and methods for chosen parts of the rivers Masrik and Lichq;

4. to develop the most efficient methodology for artificial breeding and further growth of alevins in natural conditions;

5. to reach the formation of homing towards the rivers of origin by incubation of Sevan trout eggs in natural conditions;

6. to raise public awareness to the problem of Sevan trout conservation and restoration of its natural population through publications and dissemination activities.


Endemic fish species Sevan trout has registered in the Red Data Book of Armenian Animals as “Critically Endangered”. It was nearly extinct due to mismanagement of Lake Sevan water and bio-resources during 20th century. Programme of releasing of fries grown in hatcheries is not effective for restoration of wild stocks as the fries doesn't have homing instinct and hardly adopting to the new environment. Thus, there is a necessity on development of new methodology for restoration of Sevan trout natural population. Due to revealed problems of Sevan trout natural reproduction the most effective methods for conservation is concerned to artificial interventions into the replenishment of wild population.

Hence, the project will focus on experimental testing of methods for egg planting in natural conditions. Several activities aiming at disseminating the results and developing the roadmap for conservation and restoration of Sevan trout wild stocks will be carried out.

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