Endangered Serbian Butterflies – Urgent Need for Research and Conservation

8 Feb 2011 Stara Planina Mountain, Serbia, Europe

Miloš Popović

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Endangered Serbian Butterflies - Working Together

The aim of the project is to provide scientific data basis for conservation of endangered butterfly
species in Serbia, and involving more people in butterfly research and conservation.

Lycaena helle, another new species for Serbia.

Lycaena helle, another new species for Serbia.

Serbia is a country of reach, yet not well explored biodiversity, with total of 194 butterflies species. In many places mosaic habitats and traditional agriculture were ensuring stable butterfly populations over the years, but growing modern agriculture, tourism and industry on one side, and depopulation on the other have a great impact on these species. At the same time, lack of scientific data affects planning and management of the protected areas, which often neglect butterfly diversity. As a consequence protected high mountain bogs on Stara Planina Mt. are made into a hotels, destroying the habitats of Boloria eunomia.

Anthocharis gruneri, a new species for Serbian fauna

Anthocharis gruneri, a new species for Serbian fauna

This project is mainly aimed toward scientific and educational activities, as a first step in conserving valuable butterfly species in Serbia. Most activities will be organised as a field surveys in order to get the precise picture of the distribution of Boloria eunomia and endangered species from Red Data Book of Serbian Butterflies and European Habitats Directive and to locate new important areas for butterfly conservation. During these activities a lot of effort will be made to involve and train young entomologists for their own projects and researches and to establish a network of people and NGOs involved in protection of butterfly species.

All the results will be entered into butterfly species database and published as scientific papers. The relevant government institutions and general public will be informed about our results and aims through e-mails, letters, brochures, t-shirts, info boards, Internet, TV, papers, etc. This will made a valuable arguments for feature conservation of butterflies and a base for publishing significant books such as Atlas of Serbian Butterflies and Serbian Butterfly Field Guide.

Some work is already under way to publish Field Guide and establish connections with NGOs and Serbian entomologists. The highest goal would be achieved if government involve our data in future planning of protected areas and construction sites.

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7 Jul 2011

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