Take Action for the Northern Lapwings: Monitoring and Awareness Raising Activities in Kızılırmak Delta, a Ramsar Site in Northern Turkey

7 Apr 2021 Kızılırmak Delta, Turkey, Asia Birds | Education | Farming

Melisa Bal

The Northern Lapwings’ (Vanellus vanellus) European population is classified as ‘VU-vulnerable’ while the global population is classified as ‘NT-near threatened’ according to the recent IUCN Red List Criteria because of reduced breeding productivity as a result of intensifying and changing agricultural practices which we also face at Kızılırmak delta wetland area in Turkey. In Kızılırmak delta, the Northern Lapwings are forced to breed in rice fields, because grasslands suitable for breeding are now used for rice cultivation. The breeding productivity is negatively affected, as the incubation timing and rice cultivation activities overlap. Most of the farmers are not aware that the Northern Lapwings are breeding in their rice fields and have no idea what to do. Besides, the cows, water buffalos and sheeps are introduced on to agricultural areas in very early spring. High stock densities may lead to increase trampling activity and damage of nests.

© Nizamettin Yavuz

© Nizamettin Yavuz

Our aim is to diminish the threats to Northern Lapwings, raise awareness of local people and all stakeholders on threats the species faces and find the possible solutions to protect the species. This project will make it possible to get in contact with all the people, deliver necessary informations, share common interest and highlight the importance of conserving the species and their habitats. Besides, in a long term basis, to increase the attitude of local people, public actors and decision makers towards conservation and to reduce/eliminate the threats to species in Kızılırmak delta.

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