Conservation of Otters in the Kilombero Ramsars Site; Ecology, Threats and Monitoring Program

Martin Bayo

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24 Jul 2018

Threats, Awareness and Distribution Pattern of the Threatened African Clawless Otters (Aonyx capensis) in Mtera Dam, Tanzania

Increase in the demand for cultivation land, grazing area and settlement has altered habitat of so many species including the rare and less known otters. Currently, otters are in decline due to changes in their environment and human interference. Major problem being increased in use of nylon fishing nets, whereby otters get tangled in and die. Erosion of soil near the source of the rivers is also a threat.


Hence this project will capacity to rangers, vg’s and local communities around the basin with extensive and important knowledge for otter conservation in the area. The project will also sensitize the use technology towards animal distribution surveillance.

Project Updates

23 Aug 2022

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