Conservation of the Threatened Reptiles and Endemic in the Interandean Dry Valleys and Highlands of Bolivia

Luis Rolando Rivas

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4 Jun 2009

Contribution to the Conservation of Bolivian Reptiles

The conservation of high Andean Bolivian reptiles, developing diversity and ecological assessments and organizing education workshops in rural communities.

Contomastix vittata

Contomastix vittata

We expect to provide vital information about the distribution and ecology of reptile species, to provide information about it’s the conservation status. With the assessments in the ten sites we will provide updated information about the reptile situation mainly in the Interandean dry valleys and highlands were most of the endangered species are present (ten species in the Interandean dry valleys and two species in highlands) also, almost they all are endemic for Bolivia, whose information is very poor, mostly records of only one individual.

Lystrophis semicinctus

Lystrophis semicinctus

Training young biologists and students will allow having more people working in conservation of Bolivian reptiles that at the moment almost nobody is working with this rejected group.

In these areas we want to work strongly with educational activities in the different sites and the Museum of Natural History Alcide d'Orbigny of Cochabamba, where they will know and children will be educated principally. These activities are developed to try to change the attitudes of people from the areas that at the moment have a negative impact in the reptile populations.

With this starting point we want to share this information with the stakeholders such as local communities, authorities, researchers and institutions that are working in the area, in this way we are going to be able to work together to try to change the situation in the different areas.

In case that species will need help urgently we are going to propose actions that will ensure the recuperation of these populations to avoid their extinction.

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