Conservation of the Endangered Loris (Nycticebus spp.) in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, Vietnam

16 Apr 2021 Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, Vietnam, Asia Hunting | Mammals | Primates | Habitat

An Le

There are two species of loris distributed in Vietnam, Nycticebus bengalensis and Nycticebus pygmaeus. The two species are highly threatened by losing habitat, hunting, and pet trading. Therefore, both species listed as Endangered (EN) by IUCN and fully protected in Vietnamese law. However, the species population in Vietnam is poorly known that require the urgent conservation actions and study to protect them.

Loris habitat in Xuan Lien NR. © Le Thanh An

Loris habitat in Xuan Lien NR. © Le Thanh An

This study aims to provide true information on loris population in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve where identity is one of the most important primate conservation areas which will identify population status, threats, opportunities to support long-term conservation of loris in this Nature Reserve and conservation plan for loris in Vietnam.

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