Mobilize Communities Living near the River Alazani Riparian Forests and Prepare them to Assist Conservation of the Target Area

2 May 2013 Kachreti, Georgia, Asia Education | Forests

Kakhaber Sukhitashvili

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The project proposal “Mobilize communities living near the River Alazani Riparian Forests and
prepare them to assist conservation of the target area” aim of the project is to support conservation of the Alazani Riparian forest by mobilizing local communities and help them to advocate related environmental problems for making decision persons. To create relevant conditions we will use trainings, round tables, meetings with governmental bodies. We will created documents and will establish the day of Protection Alazani Riparian Forests.


Environmental awareness of the target area community is on a very low level. Local community is only procuring to the Alazani Riparian Forests, which is caused not only because of social conditions but also low level of environmental awareness. If we generalize the problems we will get two key issues:

1. Lack of knowledge of the community about environmental rights and responsibilities

2. Lack of communication with stakeholders.

The projects target groups are: The Ten Community Centers of the target communities. Our direct target groups are 100 more active and core of the Community Centers. The project is dedicated to the community organizations of the communities (total 37 villages with 45 000 inhabitants) living nearby the Alazani Riparian Forests (20 003 ha). Aim of the project is to share the following knowledge and experience to the target groups:


1. Environmental education

2. Development of communication skills

3. Strengthening the partnerships among different stakeholders


1. Prepare supporting documents and collect final positions of stakeholders and send these documents to decision-makers.

2. Establishment of protection day of the River Alazani Riparian Forests and work out general recommendations how to celebrate this day.

3. Raise legislative initiative and start appropriate procedure about declaration of the River Alazani Riparian Forests as protected territory usable in different ways.

For successful implementation of the project we will do the following main activities:

1. Presentation of the project

2. Organise informational meetings with the authorities of Akhmeta, Telavi, Gurjaani, Kvareli, Lagodekhi, Signaghi and Dedoplistskaro municipalities

3. Organise 2-3 round tables with the participation of the stakeholders

4. Meetings with the community in the target area for their environmental education for community centers

6. Carry out trainings program

7. Print flyers with the depiction of Gymnospermium smirnowii; Pterocalya pterocarpa and Quercus longipes and dissemination to the schools, libraries and administrations of Protected Areas, etc.

8. Preparation of the document, local community and the River Alazani Riparian Forests conservation perspective

9. Arrange public meeting and presentation of adopted document

10. Active process of PR

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