Research of a Critically Endangered Species of European Eel in Skadar Lake - Montenegro

16 Mar 2021 Skadar Lake, Montenegro, Europe Fishes

Jelena Brnović

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1 Mar 2018

Monitoring of the Highly Endangered Eel in Montenegro Due to the Assessment of the State and Potential Changes to the Law on Fisheries in Accordance with EU

Our goal is to conduct scientific research of eels in Skadar Lake, to determine fitness and condition factors, length-weight ratio, as well as for the first time ever in Montenegro to determine the dominant items in the diet of this species, in order to protect eels and and other species that are important in the food chain and for the preservation of the biodiversity of Skadar Lake. The data we collect will serve as a starting point for future work on eels research, and for better understanding the biology of these species and for further protection of this critically endangered species, which is a global problem.


Our project is divided into 2 parts: scientific part and promotion of results. Activities included in the scientific part of the project and education will be carried out by national experts in the field of ichthyology, biology students on master's and doctoral studies, and fishing association. The Field work will include sampling of eels in Skadar Lake and laboratory analysis of the collected material. Project Promotion: Results of the study will be available in different forms for different target groups. The local authorities will get elaborate, scientists will be informed via Research Gate, local population via workshops and propaganda material. Some of biology students that are included in this project will use project results in their future MSc theses that are planned to be publicly available for all to see on their Research Gate accounts. The local authorities and policy makers will get detailed elaborate, scientists will be informed via Research Gate, local population will be informed throughout our workshops, lectures, educative brochures and posters, as well as with our TV interviews.

With our continuation of the project, we want to point out to the public the factors that are harmful for this critically endangered species of eel, both globally and locally in our country, in order to raise awareness of the importance of its protection and the importance to stop poaching as one of the highest threat to this and other species of fish in our waters.

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