Distribution, Status and Protection of Brown Bear (Ursus arctos L., 1758) in Bosnia and Herzegovina I

7 Jul 2015 Tisovac Mountains, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe Mammals

Igor Trbojevic

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1 Dec 2016

Distribution, Status and Protection of Brown Bear (Ursus arctos L., 1758) in Bosnia and Herzegovina II

In the first year of field work (from June 2015 to June 2016, with the exception of work in the winter, from December to the end of March, when the species goes into hibernation) it is planned to collect samples (feces and traces), and form databases from collected information. To gain access to this work, it is necessary to establish the location of the project implementation. It is the determination of transect zones.


In order to determine the transects, it is necessary to find transects in the field in the first four months. This requires very frequent operations on the field. So, in this period, we are planning to visit the sites (the mountains of Manjača, Čemernica, Tisovac, Uzlomac, Vlašić and Janj). Geographically, the area of research is the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Depending on the data obtained in these four months, we shall determine three localities for the establishment of the minimum of five permanent transects that will be used for the rest of the time (five months) to carry out sampling material.

Overall objectives:

- Increase the level of knowledge on species

- Establish the presence of the species in specified areas

- Determine the permanent localities (constant presence of the species in the region)

- To find out the size of the territory of individuals

- To establish the dynamics of movement of individuals

- Establish the cause of death of individuals

- Better use of habitat

- The relationship between humans and bears

Long-term objectives:

- assessment of the condition of species (abundance)

- management plan for species

- maintenance of the current status of protection or influence on the change of status into permanent protected species

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