Surveying Delacour’s Langur Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Van Long Nature Reserve, Northern Vietnam

20 Oct 2022 Van Long Nature Reserve, Vietnam, Asia Mammals | Primates

Hoang Trinh Dinh

An assessment to understand status and situation of a population/species is a crucial recurrent step in the cycle of planning and management of wildlife species. Van Long Nature Reserve in Vietnam is probably well known for the biggest population of the Critically Endangered Delacour’s langur.
The last survey in 2018 recorded 176 to 184 individuals. The difficult-to-access terrain of limestone mountains makes it almost impossible to carry out standard line transect and point count methods. In addition, the traditional ground surveys are labour-intensive.

Our drone trial in Van Long Nature Reserve and Kim Bang Forest indicated that the drone Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is a suitable tool for surveying the Delacour’s langur. We will use the done with a thermal and a visual camera to detect, identify and count Delacour’s langurs in the nature reserve. My project will provide stakeholders with up-to-date data on Delacour’s langur abundance and distribution in Van Long Nature Reserve.

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